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I am trying to control a laser with the fan (D9) and ran into problems. So I tried P44, no good then P6 also not good.\ What my problem is I am trying to "burn" a group of vertical lines spaced about 0.75" apart, and randomly the drive to the laser power supply is either "skipping" (missing the control pulse) or stretching the pulse. This results in missed burns and/or "streaks" where the laser does not turn off. I am using Marlin 1.1.4 on a RAMPS 1.4 board (clone) on an Arduino close also. When I am not printing, the pulses are perfect and I can control the pulse width with M42 P6(or 44) S0 (to 255) and it follows just fine. It is ONLY while I am printing and the steppers are moving that things go south. This also occurs on D9 (fan) and that is why I am trying these other outputs. These other outputs use different timers in the 2560 as well. I have tried all sorts and combinations of firmware settings, different USB cable and different USB ports on my computer, with no change. What might I be missing?

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Have you checked the supply voltage? With everything turned on (steppers stepping, laser on, etc) you may be pulling too much current and the supply voltage is drooping.

Use DVM to measure the DC voltage. Also you will need to check for supply ripple. For that, either an oscilloscope or use DVM set for AC voltage.