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Can anyone help me find/confirm the information needed to setup the CR-10 in the Cura Software

I have following settings from research:

Printer Settings

  • x = 300 mm
  • y = 300 mm
  • z = 400 mm
  • Build Plate = Rectangular
  • Machine Center is Zero = Checked
  • Heated Bed = Checked
  • G-code Flavor = RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter) -- Uncertain - please help confirm this

Print Head Settings

  • X min = Unclear where this comes from
  • Y min = Unclear where this comes from
  • X max = Unclear where this comes from
  • Y max = Unclear where this comes from
  • Gantry Height = Unclear where this is measured from
  • Number of Extruders = 1
  • Material Diameter - 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle size = 0.4 mm

1 Answer 1

GCode flavor: the firmware your machine uses. Google tells me CR-10 uses Marlin, so you should select that. Volumetric Marlin is not very common.

Print Head Settings X/Y min/max define the bounding box of the area your print head takes up. Measure the distance from the centre of the nozzle to the left-most point of the print head and do the same for the right-most, front-most and back-most.

Gantry Height is the distance from the tip of the nozzle to the lowest point of the gantry, which is the axle on which the print head is mounted.

These print head settings are only used for one-at-a-time printing.