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I am looking for methods to reduce the amount of noise produced by my CR-10. Have the printer in my downstairs study and if I'm doing a long print job, you can hear it upstairs in my son's bedroom and don't want it keep him awake.

I've seen there are noise reduction feet available on thingiverse but apparently these can result quite significant vibrations of the printer it self, which could mess up the print.

I've also seen one guy using a paving block but I'm not sure how effective that would be and also don't think my cheap ikea desk would cope very well with having a concrete block put on it.

Was wandering about trying an off-cut of carpet. Has anyone tried this or have any other suggestions?

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I use a paving block with rubber feet underneath it on the floor. It is very effective: The 3D printer is sitting right beside a door, and you can't hear it printing from the other side of the door.

The low-frequency sounds are definitely absorbed by the paving block. What you can hear now are only the hissing sounds, when the extruder glides along the rods.

I wouldn't put the paving block on a table, though, or anything elevated, since that will only magnify the lever effect of the table legs and exacerbate vibrations.