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I print my ABS at:

  • 240°C;
  • with a bedtemp of 80°C;
  • 5% rectilinear infill;
  • 0.25 mm layer height;
  • 2 solid layers top and bottom;
  • Fan is completely disabled;
  • 0.25 mm extrusion width;
  • 50 mm/s perimeter print speed;
  • 60 mm/s infill speed;
  • 20 mm/s top solid and solid speed;
  • No acceleration.

When printing ABS, I place an aluminum foil lined cardboard box over my printer to help keep the ambient temps up for less warping and stronger prints. I've never actually measured the temperature inside, but the cardboard box insulates very well.

I get this weird kind of tearing in my prints, I'm not sure if it's from too large of gaps in my infill, too fast print speeds, or not enough top layers.

Torn print

Another guess is some kind of drooping because of the high ambient temps.

The tearing only occurs on large top layer surfaces.

1 Answer 1

I believe it is from the ABS falling into the gaps of your 10% infill. I print ABS with 35% honeycomb infill and I use five or more solid top layers at 240°C. Fewer, and it sags into (or exposes) the infill layers.

I recommend more top layers and a higher infill percentage.

I also recommend starting the cooling fan at 50% capacity or more, before starting the first solid top layer.