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I have been happily printing with my Original Prusa i3 MK2S for a few weeks now. I have been thinking about replacing the PINDA probe with a BLTouch tactile sensor.

If I do so, how will I be able to do the XYZ calibration? I believe that the tactile sensor would only be able to do Z calibration. If I need to redo the XYZ calibration in the future for some reason, is it possible to do manually? Or would I need to remount an extruder with a PINDA probe temporarily?

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If you want to replace the PINDA probe (whatever reason for) then you can go with the BLTouch Sensor but only for certain operations.

It will be good for leveling the bed before printing because here, only the bed level is important and not the skew of the bed.

If it comes to calibration of the skew itself, the BLTouch Sensor will not be usable because the PINDA Probe detects the boundaries of the copper circles on the print bed. The BLTouch cannot detect these copper areas.

The PINDA Probe is a proximity sensor.

If you want to do a recalibration you have to mount the PINDA again.

Therefore, it is possible but not recommended.