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Are there any techniques for getting a smooth finish for parts printed with co-polyester (PET) filaments? More specifically, I am looking for an alternative that does not roughen the look of the part - such as using sandpaper - but rather works like acetone baths for ABS.

In particular, I want to treat ColorFabb's XT filament made from the Eastman Amphoraâ„¢ 3D polymer (datasheet). This is also the polymer is also used in:

  • ColorFabb nGen and XT
  • Taulman3D n-vent
  • TripTech Athiri 1800
  • 3DXTech 3DXNano

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I've found a chart which covers several plastics and solvents and only two of them (Chloromethane and Chloroform) are rated "D" which includes dissolving the material and both seem to be quite nasty and I doubt you will be able to purchase them without being placed on several lists.

Is it possible that something like XTC-3D from Smooth-On would work for you?

Also some more information on dissolving PET here, several sources also mention PET is affected by Hydrogen Peroxide but they do not mention to what degree the plastic is affected.