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I am writing this in great frustration ;-(

I've bee trying to get something decent printed for days but nothing works! I have a Tanatula Tevo i3 MKS Base V1.4 and have done a lot of trial & plenty of error. Still I am puzzled to get good prints.

  1. What is the stock firmware for a single extruder regular/ large bed firmware & how to configure a large bed (if needed to be configured)?
  2. Which is the auto bed leveling firmware?

I need help sorting out whats out there. I did not manage to configure a large bed with a single extruder. But did manage to restore firmware with Marlin-2.0.x

  1. So this directs here - only dual extruders - both regular & large bed,
  2. & there is JimBrown's GitHub MarlinTarantula - Optimized firmware for RepRap 3D printers based on the Arduino platform,
  3. JoelLisenby - GitHub TEVO-Tarantula-I3-Marlin-Firmware.

I followed this youtube for setting up the auto bed leveling sensor but it just got me messed-up even more. I'm just now in the process of trying to manually level the bed I broke the hot end holder plastic plate...

EDIT: The sensor I'm using is SN04-N Inductive Proximity Sensor - 5mm

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Tevo Tarantula i3 owners on FaceBook is where I got marlin 2.0. Other things I tried didn't work, but this is working fine if you just want to add auto bed leveling using the standard SN04 sensor.