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I'm having a frustrating problem on my recent built custom 3d printer so every single print i made, from the third layer, the nozzle is "rubbing" on the already placed filament. This results in a complete mess, melting the previous layers with the nozzle / new extrusions coming, getting malformed and out of precision forms, if i leave this happening, my Y axis motor (bed) start to jump steps (by the force of nozzle friction to cold material). To stop that symptom, on the beginning of this, i have to raise the Z axis by hand turning about 1/8 rotation of T8 fuse. By doing this, every rest of my printing runs peaceful, nicely and beauty.

I'm using Marlin most recent version, and cura. My Nozzle size is .5 and i'm using Cura's Fine Preset (0.1mm height)

My stepper motors axis are very well calibrated (X, Y, Z and Extruder). I tried lowering and raising print bed to get spaced or shrinked first layers to see if something help, tried to change Z home offset on display, tried the M206 command to change print zone of Z axis, tried to change first layer height on Cura and nothing seems to solve my problems.

Due to my out of experience i don't know what i could try to solve this frustrating issue. I already check and recheck my mechanical structure and everything was fine solid and very well balanced and on square.

enter image description hereenter image description here

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Does Cura have options for avoiding perimeters during moves? And does it have an option to step up the z axis during non print moves? These were the two issues I was having with the nozzle dragging through the previous layers on my prints. I set the z axis to move up .2mm during non print moves and to avoid Perimeters during non print moves(using Slic3r)which eliminated this issue for me almost entirely.