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I am trying to print a model that has (at the start of the print) several small parts attached to the bed. Some of these parts have bed contact 2.5mm x 20mm.

After a few layers, if there are any imperfections in the previous layer, the hotend is bumping the imperfection and knocking the part loose.

I am using a genuine Prusa i3 Mk2s with Filaform PLA. I am slicing with PrusaControl and using the "Generic PLA" settings, which is giving me 215/210 degree hot end (first/other layers), and 55 degree bed. I have the fan enabled. The print bed is clean and dust free

How can I improve bed adhesion for these small parts, ideally without adding brims etc?


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My low-tech solution is to smear on some school/craft glue-stick. This is so quick and so easy yet it has saved me so many times from going any further troubleshooting adhesion problems.

My answer to a similar question describes this in full.