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I have a 3D printer that I built using CD-ROM drives. It's all set and ready to go but when I generate .stl or .obj files my G-code sender program cannot load it. I have found that Slic3r will export the .stl into G-code but it has the option of changing the G-code flavour, or firmware.

My machine is running from an Arduino Uno with Grbl v0.8.

So the question is, which firmware setting would be appropriate for my machine that would require the least amount of editing before I can print?

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Slice your model... then edit the code in Notepad... where you will see that you will need to replace all E (extrude commands) with M3 for Extrude on and/or M5 for Extrude off.

You must look at the code and figure out where:

  • The code is telling the extruder to extrude;
  • Then it makes a bunch of XY moves; t
  • Then, where it tells the extruder to stop, you have to insert an M5 command.

I did this a year ago and got mine to work perfectly but it takes time to edit the code. Be patient and keep at it .