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On the reprap wiki it says using Znnn it sets a nex axis position. But then it says "No physical motion will occur". What would the line G92 E0 be used for?

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The G92 command is used to set the start position (origin) of one of more axes (including the current extruder) to any arbitrary value. The command G92 E0 is often used to perform retraction and nozzle priming. For example, the following commands are often used in start-gcode sequences (prologues) to prime the current extruder by extruding a small amount of filament:

G92 E0 ; Reset the extruder's origin G1 F200 E3 ; Extrude 3 millimetres of filament G92 E0 ; Reset the extruder's origin 

RepRap Wiki: G92: Set Position