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I have made a custom 3d printer with ramps electronics. I have printed benchy(ship) well, but when i try to print any thing with tooth(spiral vase), gears(bearing), or circle(rocket), Y-axis skip steps in a regular rate giving 70:60 degrees skew along the printin the y-direction, but each layer is perfect, this happen when printing gear bearing.

  • I have checked y-axis ball bearing, motor, tension belt and i have replace my 6mm glass with 1mm without any differnece in shift.

  • I have once make it work, but I don't why or how(I have lowed speed to 50 and did some random things).

  • I have printed from pronterface and when I pause it then home-Y, the skipping in y in corrected.

  • I drive my x/y axis with no microsteeping and the skipping was much larger.

  • I only use slic3r for G-code generation.

with no micro stepping

with 32 micro stepping

with 32 micro stepping with 32 micro stepping with 32 micro stepping question:

  • What is the cause for that skipping?

  • If there is more than one possiblity, how could I check them seperately?


*I have changed my Y axis motor with no change.

*I have swaped x&y connections with no change still Y skips.

*I have lowered jerk and max speed and it prints gear bearing well and it is spinning, but when I tried to print spiral vase Y motor skipped.

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I would assume it is either the stepper driver or the stepper motor. Try switching the motor wires for x and y axis and see if the problem stays with the motor or the driver. If its not physically getting hung up then this is likely. I had the same problem with my y axis and after switching the motor it was gone. It would only skip steps in one direction and that seems to be exactly whats going on. Most likely it was caused by bad windings on 1 of the 2 coils inside the stepper motor.