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I picked up a roll of PLA+ at Microcenter because it was on clearance. I didn't even notice the "+" until I decided to try that color, and I noticed it on the sticker. It prints well, feels like ABS, but smells like PLA when printing, and I can use PLA temps on my printer. It sands better than PLA, and if I I hadn't noticed the PLA+ sticker, and the smell, I would think it was ABS.

Aside from a few discussions on reddit (review, commercial introduction), I can't find anything about it.

What is PLA+? How is it different than PLA?

I went back to Microcenter and the guy working the 3d printing section did not know what I was talking about.

I went to Microcenter another time and the guy in the filament area said that all of their PLA filament was now PLA+, and that the + meant it was to be used at a higher temperature. The boxes are labeled with 205 - 225°C. It seems that all the inland brand PLA I have is PLA+, save for the first roll I bought. It does not have any kind of temperature markings on it.

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There’s no huge difference between both. The printing settings like temperature and printing speed are practically the same. But the PLA+ have a much better surface quality and it’s slightly more bright than normal PLA. Another difference is that the PLA+ it's more effective in bridges than PLA.

If you want to the comparison between PLA and PLA+ go right here, PLA vs PLA+ (short review). This post is an awesome experiment with both materials.