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Hello I am using Cura to slice my prints, and despite turning the flow rate to the minimum value of 5%, my prints are still hugely over extruding.

I have calibrated the extruder stepper perfectly, using Pronterface, so I do not understand why this is occurring. I have also timed how long it took to extrude a certain length and compared it to the length of time it was meant to extrude and it was exactly the same. Therefore, I have concluded it is not a problem with the calibration of the stepper.

So, I think there is a problem with the settings on Cura. Orginally, I had the flow rate at 100% and this was really, really terrible. Then I turned it down as far as possible and the print got better but there was still over extrusion. I can't down it down any further.

I can not figure out what the problem could possibly be and as you would imagine it is very, very frustrating.

Here is the print profile: Screenshot of Print Profile

Edit - Some extra information

So the printer is not of any model, as it is homemade CD drive 3D printer. It shares many similarities with the Curiosity3D printer, so if you want more information on how it works, then their website will be of much value. Link

The extruder is a bowden style one. It uses a cheap e3d hotend Link to amazon and a RepRap extruder kit as the motor Link to amazon.

Here are the Machine settings:

Screenshot of Machine settings

This is a photo of two failed prints. On the left is a G and on the right is a heart. Photo of two failed prints

This is what it was the G was meant to look like:

Pronterface G

Edit 2 - More information

So here is a link to the configuration.h file which I previously modified for my 3D printer.Dropbox link

Also the filament I use is "Robox PLA SmartReel Cornflower Blue" link

Any help would be much appreciated.

1 Answer 1

I fixed this issue a while back but I realised others might see this. I’m not exactly sure what fixed it though. I was meddling with the ee-prom when suddenly it started working again. I suspect somehow a different steps per mm value was stored on the ee-prom so no matter what I did to change it (in the firmware) it made no difference. Then I either changed the settings in the ee-prom or disable it. I can’t really remember.

When it started working it looked like nothing was extruding because 5% extrude rate really is very low!