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Since i updated Cura from 2.7. to 3.1. I have a really hard time at configuration and especially removing the support interfaces. The update automatically uses the settings from the old version, but as I said: it doesn't work anymore.

I even tried to create a test print with 4 copies of a test object with different settings, but there where no differences in the slicing for them. Every copy and the support interface that belongs to it was the same.

Did anybody have an idea?

Printer Anet A8 with PLA

1 Answer 1

Without project files and settings is really difficult to diagnose the problem, but here's some ideas on what may be going wrong:

  1. Incompatibility between setting files. This has been documented and reported for Cura by many who switched from 3.0.4 to 3.1. Fix: back up your current setting directory and remove it, then start Cura again and let it regenerate a fresh one for you and re-create the setting combination you are trying to use from scratch.

  2. Other settings [possibly hidden by default] overriding the one you are manipulating. For example Support Distance Priority (that decides whether X/Y or Z distance takes precedence) or Minimum ... Support Distance. Fix: inspect the complete list of settings for support distance (preferences → configure Cura → settings) and verify if this is the case.

  3. Limitations of and/or bugs in Cura. For example, in many instances (and support material is one of them) Cura calls "thickness" the number of layers printed on a X/Y coordinate rather than the actual Euclidean thickness of structures (the thickness measured perpendicular to the surface of the object). Fix: if you think you found a bug, file it here. You will have to be a lot more specific that you are being here though.

  4. Changes in the slicing algorithm. So, the settings are read correctly, but the way the affect slicing has changed between 2.7 and 3.1. Fix: adapt your workflow/settings to the new paradigm or file a bug if you think the change is wrong.