Do you find a computer-assisted qualitative data analysis tool useful?
Photo Credit: Courtesy of 3DStockPhoto ( image)

I've used DeDoose in the past and found it helpful as there is a feature that can easily tell you of some codes are more or less associated with others. Although it's probably feasible to do this broadly, using a visual assessment, getting a clear confirmation was nice.

Another upside of DeDoose is that you can import audio/video and code these types of media.

I thought it was greatly helpful to code interviews and fairly straightforward textual data. I'm currently trying to coerce it into coding tables from Excel and it just won't do what I want (which is how I ran into your question), so it definitely is not perfect!

What I find helpful is leveraging the free month trial on some of these applications to see if I can actually import the data that I want to analyze.