What is the life expectancy of the Kossel?
Photo Credit: Courtesy of 3DStockPhoto ( image)

Much like your car, the number of miles, or the number of prints that you can get out of it is entirely up to how well you can maintain it.

A 3D Printer is a machine, and a machine needs general maintenance; if you see something starting to break - or get worn out - or anything abnormal, fix it.

I am sure that if you had something like a MakerBot, it would require less maintenance then a fully home built machine, but if you are building it from scratch, I am sure you don't mind.

I am still rocking a 3 year old home built MendalMax, and have both made some improvements, and had to make some repairs along the way - but it is still in damn good condition.

For a $600 investment, I can say you will get a few years out of it if you take proper care of it. By the time the end of its life comes (5+ years), I am sure there will be much better printers available for cheaper, and you will never look back :)

  • Tighten all your nuts and bolts
  • Keep it calibrated
  • Keep belts properly tensioned
  • Oil X, Y, and Z rods
  • Clean of any dust and scrap plastic (compressed air can?)
  • Clean hobbed bolt
  • Clean extruder
  • Ensure all electronic connections are secure
  • Check wires at points of movement for wear

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