How to evaluate potential advisers on grounds other than their research/publications?

Advisor isn't advising

Is it possible for a student in first year of Ph.D to secure funding for attending conferences?

Details an applicant should include/exclude in an introductory letter to a prospective grad school adviser?

Advisor asking me to work on research not covered by my grant

How much guidance should I reasonably expect from an MSc Thesis Supervisor

How to fruitfully utilize faculty-student orientation sessions at institutes you don't want to attend?

What are the primary causes of conflict between PhD advisors and their students?

How to handle not having my PhD advisor as a reference?

When should a supervisor be an author?

How to get an advisor for my amateur research?

Etiquette to take external help

How to cope when PhD advisor quits midway

Prospect of pro-bono/voluntary work with current advisor after graduating with PHD

Ph.D. adviser or Ph.D. advisor?

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