Anet A8 won't print

My Anet A8 prints have been looking squished

Anet A8 beginning layers not printing correctly

Anet A8 right Z drops 2 mm during print

SkyNet3D firmware home settings

Anet A8 extruder is clicking and not extruding

Anet A8 - hot end temperature still same

Unable to install auto-bed levelling sensor into my Anet A8

Filament not extruding

Anet A8 - first couple of layer are trash

Printing starts well but then it breaks down, Anet A8

Should I be doing PID auto-tuning with my fan at 100% (Anet A8)

Anet A8 reading 739°C from the extruder thermistor!

Anet A8 filament not coming out

Z axis stopped part way through print

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