Does publishing a paper on arXiv prevent me from submitting it to a non-open access journal?

Can I publish the reviews I write?

What does it mean when a paper is copyrighted by an organization?

Publishing policies for conference papers

How can I get the rights to my final year project?

Releasing one version of a Scientific Paper under an Open License

Citing sources of problems in assignments

Who holds intellectual property rights on a thesis?

Why is Paper Publishing and getting a patent completely unrelated?

What to do when principal investigator publishes your work without putting you down as a coauthor?

I'd like to use a figure from a paper; what's the best way to do this?

Is it a faux pas to ask for a colleague's figure in a separate but related publication?

Can "Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a copy of any of my publications." cause legal issues?

Is it necessary to obtain permissions for copying figures from published articles in your proposal/dissertation?

How much do figures need to differ to avoid copyright claims?

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