What are the pros and cons of collecting parts yourself, versus getting a DIY kit and then modifying it?

HDPE as the body of a 3-D Printer?

How can I program a 3D printer to move using Arduino?

How to properly read dimensions for a 3D printer?

Hictop prusa I3 clone - broken z axis right bracket bearing

How to offset my probe so it's not hanging off the bed at 0, 0 position when printing

Would 3D printing multiple copies at once saves time?

3D printer test troubles (M999 error, motors do not move)

Commercially available 3D printer fume and UFP extractor

For a larger build volume, what lengths of 2020 aluminium do I need?

ABS or PLA for structural printed parts?

Pronterface won't connect to my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus

Would using a leadscrew with 1 or 2 mm lead, en lieu of 8 mm, result in a better printer?

Continuing a failed print when you have Auto Mesh Bed Leveling

Is it a good idea to include thermal fuses in a DIY 3D printer design?

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