University rank/stature - How much does it affect one's career post-Ph.D?

Usefulness of prior industry experience before entering grad school?

What types of industry positions favor PhD over a masters?

Software for managing departmental alumni relations

How good are entrepreneurial opportunities for faculty members?

Advantages and disadvantages of doing PhD research at a non-academic lab

How does calibrating syllabus based on the requirements of the industry happen?

Chances of getting R&D job in industry after PhD in AI/Robotics

Who applies academic CS research in the industry and how?

Why don't professors start companies?

Does university location affect job prospects?

How to get the most out of an internship (in industry)?

Different CV for university position and research industry position?

Engineers/Scientists to break into management consulting

Were there changes in approaches to undergraduate education in the 1970s or 1980s?

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