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Do stepper motors require any maintenance?

z-axis hard to move in some areas - what could be faults, how to improve?

Is there a reason for the z-axis M5 drive nut to be super loose on the lead screw?

Is there a lubricant that can be used for linear bearings, bronze sinter bushings and threaded rods alike?

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Differences between moving build plate vs. extruder

How much work would be converting Prusa firmware/software for CNC use?

Printing a non-self-aligning caged deep-groove ball bearing

P3Steel v4 w/ 20x30 cm bed, or 2.5.1 w/ 20x20

3d print lean in Y-axis

Are 3D printed gears applicable for industrial use?

Cooling fan noise when head is moving in the X axis

Other "network building" style games, like Hackers and Illuminati?

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